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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
18712/17/2004Harry PotterGens 2.11iddqd
18804/02/2011Harry Potter 2 and the Chamber of SecretsKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
18903/05/2004HauntingGens 2.11Mr.ELF
19002/11/2007Heavy UnitKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
19107/13/2008HellfireGens 2.11DmitryLab
19209/09/2008HerculesKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
19307/20/2009Hercules 2KegaFusion 3.61iddqd
19412/03/2009High Seas Havoc (Captain Lang)Regen 0.97iddqd
19507/13/2008Home AloneGens 2.11DmitryLab
19607/13/2008Home Alone 2Gens 2.11DmitryLab
19708/13/2012Honoo no Toukyuuji Dodge DanpeiKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
19810/07/2010HookKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
19902/16/2009HurricanesKegaFusion 3.61iddqd

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