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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
3611/15/2004B.O.BGens 2.11Sergey Pushkin
3701/06/2004Baby's Day Out (beta)Gens 2.11PATRIOT
3810/21/2006Bad OmenGens 2.14iddqd
3902/01/2020Ball JacksKegaFusion 3.64ArtMoney Team
4001/26/2020Ballz 3DKegaFusion 3.64ArtMoney Team
4102/02/2020Bare Knuckle 2 (beta)KegaFusion 3.64ArtMoney Team
4205/14/2006Bare Knuckle 3Gens 2.11Mortimer
4302/22/2004BatmanGens 2.11PATRIOT
4405/14/2006Batman ForeverGens 2.11Mortimer
4502/22/2004Batman ReturnsGens 2.11PATRIOT
4604/17/2004Batman: Revenge of the JokerGens 2.11Cobugs
4712/10/2006Battle SquadronGens 2.14Gir0iN
4803/16/2004BattletechGens 2.11Komyagin Nicolas
4905/25/2009BattletoadsKegaFusion 3.61iddqd
5004/08/2012Battletoads and Double DragonMednafen 0.9.21iddqd
5103/06/2015Beauty and the Beast: Belle's QuestKegaFusion 3.64Orochi Roll
5203/06/2015Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the BeastKegaFusion 3.64Orochi Roll
5305/31/2005Beavis and ButtheadGens 2.00Jurt Home Inc.
5409/09/2008Berenstain Bears': Camping AdventureKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
5512/04/2004Best of the BestGens 2.11iddqd
5605/14/2006Beyond OasisGens 2.11Mortimer
5701/28/2007Bio-Hazard BattleKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
5811/25/2003Bioship PaladinGens 2.00Pavel
5906/28/2012Blades of VengeanceKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
6012/04/2004Blaster Master 2Gens 2.11iddqd
6110/07/2008Blood ShotGens 2.14iddqd
6210/11/2007Body CountKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
6306/14/2012BomboyKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
6410/10/2006Bonanza BrothersGens 2.14iddqd
6510/10/2006BonkersGens 2.14iddqd
6607/04/2009BoogerManGens 2.14NTGV 80.8
6712/10/2006Bram Stoker's DraculaGens 2.14Gir0iN
6810/05/2020Brave Battle Saga: Legend of the Magic WarriorGens 2.14Stranger
6910/10/2006Bubba and StixGens 2.14iddqd
7011/20/2009Bubsy in ClawsGens 2.14iddqd
7104/10/2010Bug's LifeKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
7202/20/2007Bugs Bunny in Double TroubleKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
7306/17/2004Burning ForceGens 2.11ZenAS

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