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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
105/30/2011Batman ReturnsMESS 0.140iddqd
208/27/2011Battle WheelsMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
308/27/2011Battlezone 2000Mednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
408/27/2011Blue LightningMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
508/27/2011Bubble TroubleMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
608/27/2011Chip's ChallengeMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
705/30/2011Desert Strike: Return to the GulfMESS 0.140iddqd
808/27/2011Dirty Larry: Renegade CopMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
908/27/2011Double DragonMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
1008/27/2011ElectrocopMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
1108/27/2011HydraMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
1208/27/2011Kung FoodMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
1302/22/2013Ms.Pac-ManMednafen 0.9.28 WIPiddqd
1405/30/2011Ninja GaidenMESS 0.140iddqd
1505/30/2011Ninja Gaiden 3: the Ansient Ship of DoomMESS 0.140iddqd
1605/30/2011Pac-LandMESS 0.140iddqd
1708/27/2011RaidenMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
1808/27/2011S.T.U.N. RunnerMednafen WIP 0.9.18iddqd
1905/30/2011Steel TalonsMESS 0.140iddqd

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