Search in a range of values. Example of "Age Of Empires 2"

You can search in a range of values if the exact value is not known. As you start the game, your life scale is full (100%) and you can search for the exact value - 100. But suddenly you get damaged and your life goes down to 80%. This is when you should search in a range of values - filter the range from 79 to 81.

This method can be used when the value is fractional but on screen it is displayed as integer. For example, when the value is 80.11 but on screen you see 80, you should search in the range from 80.00 to 80.99. But if you search in the range from 79.50 to 80.50, then you get all the values, which are rounded to 80.

For example, for "Age Of Empires 2", the type of value is float 4 bytes. You should search in the range to a precision of 1. If your gold is 2456, search from 2455 to 2457. When you filter, you should do the same.

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